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2012-The End is near

by / Tuesday, 25 June 2013 / Published in End of an Era

You might be wondering why I am recaping my year end of 2012 in the mid of 2013. Every end of the year I write something about things, people, friends, memories etc. etc.
I got caught up with things so never get a chance to finish it. I want to get back in my writings although its sucks you can ask my sister she will find tons of mistakes but heck I continue to write whenever I get a chance.
Year 2012 went by quickly before my eyes, lot of things happened but can’t recall everything, one of the major things happened is that my wife came to the states and meeting Noyon Bhai. Beside that I guess everything was normal and same as usual.

some reason browser’s spelling check not working so you might find lot of spelling error along with grammatical issue.

Well like I have always said life is black and white and it’s easy to read me if you can’t then you can’t. anyway I got bit of distance from everything and everyone this year, lot of you might have realized that by now.  There’s no reason behind it it’s just I want to out of the loop cause loop always have issue and problems. My communication skills are horrible,  I am not the person to call someone to say hello, I just hate talking on the phone and I guess lot of people hate that I am not in touch with them but what can I do, I can’t talk much with people specially talking about rumors or who’s ass is doing what?

Anyway Family comes first as I have always mentioned all of my ‘end-of-year” blog, The amount of time and years after years I spend with my family here is speechless.
Rakib – Nusrat– my little cousins along with my niece Rabeya and tiny cousin ayesha I love them all. They all made my 2012 was a great year.  Spend time and understanding about life with wife was a turning point of my life.  I can go on and on about my family and those who are close by. I truly want to appreciate my cousin Rakib, I will nominate him every year for best cousin who’s all around even though we barely talk 😉

My wife : Year 2012 is dedicated to her, she have alerady been a great help of my life although I barely tell her how much I care about her. I just can’t go on facebook all day long telling that, that’s not me. My care, my love stays in my heart.

Friends Circle : Met Noyon bhai this year thru Mansur and Saikat, don’t want to go over about his kindness but just wanted to say that he’s awesome and stright forward person. very nice and helpful. it’s good to have someone around in life.

Rest of my other hommies ya’ll know I am always around.



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