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by / Sunday, 17 March 2019 / Published in Blog

its been a while that I blog. I used to write whatever shit come into my mind to keep up the writing skills in bangla and English but recently I forgot how to blog anymore.

anyway I am going to write a story from my childhood, the memory is very blurry but little what I could tell. I was at very young age, middle class family, anything would surprised me. The reason for this memory is that I might blur out whatever I could remember, that’s why i am keeping it in my blog in case I wont remember anything at all in future.

Living family in America back in the 90’s was huge things, To everyone it was achievements of lifetime. My uncle had visited us and brought me a “Doll” Having a “Doll” for a boy wasn’t cool but at that age and at that time it wasn’t really matter. A Big “Doll” with the battery that moves was awesome, it was so joyful. Few of the tiny snickers bar. It was the moment when someone visited us from America, knowing that A very decent gift is coming on the way.
Anyway the “Doll” what I could remember was surprised me at that time. I mean in the 90’s A Fancy doll that moves and sing and talks, it was just great and I was very very happy for what I got.

One day, I was jumping on the bed with the doll and accidentally I hit the doll with the ceiling fan and kaboom, I broke the “Doll” and started to cry. I felt so heartbroken, thinking that there is no one would care enough to get me the same “Doll” or even fix it for me.

it’s “2019” I live in America for many years now, I got a house, a car and a “FAMILY” but nonetheless, The happiness and joyful moment it’s never the same. Tiny things in life made so much happy that every time I think about it, its brings me nothing but sadness. we have everything we need in front of us but we can’t never find the happiness from our childhood.
More and more we have more and more depressed we are getting. There is always something missing in our life, there is something we always want. We forgot our “roots”, where we came from, how we lived our life, how happy we were.
Now a days we love to compete, we love to have a luxury car, a house, more money, expensive cloths, expensive jewelry, expensive phones, we want everything there is but the happiness that came in our childhood from a inexpensive “DOLL” would never be the same.

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