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Kodak Moments

by / Wednesday, 28 September 2016 / Published in Amar Kichu Kotha

Before I start blogging about kodak moments, I just wanted you to know that ( Those who are reading) I am not a writer, journalist, or author so you will find lot of grammatical error or maybe bad spelling but I think I am going to do spelling check before posting but “grammatical error”, you just have to understand my point of view.

We all have moments and memories. Some memories always stick with you till you die. Some memories will fade away but it will remind you something good happened. When you look at the picture you may think it’s a old picture maybe from the 90’s. That’s right it’s a old picture from the 90’s. Why am I writing about the picture? what is so important? what is so good about the picture? Well Let me tell you why…

In this picture you will see Rubel Bhai and Me. Our American journey started back in 1995. Since then we were able to pull it together till now and with the bless from Almighty we may continue to stick together unless he f**k with my brain. (f**k part was a joke) There are millions of memories about us in the 90’s, some of you readers maybe thinking otherwise but when I talk about “together” it means brotherly love. I can go on and on and on about life we have been through. I am keeping some of my memories in journal in case brain shortage cut of my memory. in the 90’s we were young kids in America, it’s like coming to a country where I grew up watching “Macguyvar” or “The A Team” or Knight Rider. it was like a dream come true, unfortunately emotions and happiness got into me together cause I hadn’t had a chance to spend my childhood with my families and that age it was the most important things in my life but I pulled it together because I met “RUBEL” right after a month I came. We became friends because we both were ass***e (kidding)



We spent everyday talking about our lives, talking about emotions, talking about unnecessary stuffs, basically everything in all. This picture were taken by a camera that had rolls. Back then there were no cell phones, no fancy cameras, it was just plain cameras with 35mm Rolls.  We wanted to take pictures together to keep and to send over to BD to our families. So I started a piggy bank saved some money and we put money together to buy a camera that doesn’t even exist today or our kids will ever know about how the camera looks like when I was a kid. so we brought the camera and we took the picture at the same day and we print at the same day as well. Now some of you may think “What the hell”  but that back in the days was love and emotions. We did that cause we were happy. Our struggle to buy a camera was worth it every penny and every second at that moment. The print out of those picture were so much emotions that no one ever would understand the feelings like I do. Now that I have a house, a car, a expensive phones, a expensive cameras, a computer, anything I need I have it. Anything I want I can buy it but I DON’T HAVE THAT SAME FEELINGS THAT I HAD BEFORE.  Time change and we become more and more ROBOT. We become so heartless SOB that our feelings fade away with the stuffs that we can easily get. LOVE and FEELINGS from the 90’s about Rubel and I had will not be understandable by anyone and I know I carry it with me all the time. I drop a tear or two knowing that Life was so much simpler so much better so much love.

God Bless us all.