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Life’s Confusion

by / Saturday, 13 October 2018 / Published in Blog

it’s been a while I haven’t blog. Almost forgot how to blog. Excuse my grammer and spelling. When I look back at my writtings I feel like it was all childish writting but then I realize it’s alright, sometimes its good to be a childish.

Last few days, I been thinking about “life’s confusion” It’s so fucken weird that a life is form and lived certain amount of time and then Die. cycles continues… if you are reading this, you may think I may becoming Athiest or I sound like it but its not true. I am none. I like my religion. Religion is another factor that has broader explanation and guildlines so I won’t go into that yet. “Life’s Confusion” Aren’t we all are confused about the life. I mean think about it, this freaking cycle, you born either in rich family or middle class or poor. Now your life will follow the cycles of that status. You probably going to live 65 or 70. That’s not even enough age to live thru this beautiful world.

“Life confusion” leaves me with one question? Why we were created? (Based on Religion) We struggle thru our life physically, mentally, ill, whatever way but we do stuglle and then what’s up. We vanish in thin air, Evoporate, gone for good or bad? Again why do we need to stugglle? can’t we just live a simple happy life untill our time’s are up? we can’t. We got to compete and keep up with the world. we got demand of buying stuffs, demand of things, demand of better quality of life. so it’s all come down to me as “Life’s confusion” why are we hauling ass if we can’t keep the things for forever.

If there were a chance a 2nd chance to get back to my childhood, I would definnitly deny to come to USA at early age. I would have just enjoy my life as it comes. No demand, no confusion, nada just I would live the live fullest without “Life’s Confusion”