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Welcome to My Reality

I am a dreamer, I dream a lot. I am the architect of my dream, I build my own city, my own happiness, my favorite people, my world, all in my dream 🙂

Welcome to my Cyber Realm. Well, here is not much about me you can be interested because my life is black and white. I am from Bangladesh and proud to be one. Currently reside in Florida, USA. In the heart of Miami. :)You will find this site offended, aggressive or you may not like my opinion or facts, so I urge you to leave this site or you can browse it at your own. you are responsible for your own action. Happy browsing.



Identity : Theft
Nick name : milon, milu, asif, milonnah.
Stress : Working Zone
War zone :  BlueShells
Shelter : Miami : Florida
Outsources : parents living : in bangladesh, sibilings 1 bro and 1 sister
In-sources : Living with uncle and aunts : 2 sister and 1 brother, reason being I love them just like my own siblings.
Soul Mate : Sabiha Akter
Heart Mate : Safwan Karim (SON)
Shout out : My childhood friends. God knows where they are?
Weird : —-EDITED
Sound : Jekhane Simanto Tomar
Evil : My nightmares, my weird dreams
Loving : my imagination
Success : wonderful life
Arguments : Why you don’t trust me ?
Motto : Ill be always here for you when you need me
Disaster : Edited
Reading :chole jay boshonter din
Watching : The walking Dead
Thinking : I could have done better but I don’t regrade, my life just wonderful

Personal Info
* Activities: Web sites designs | coding | Addabazi | Hanging out with friends
* Interests: To invent something unique | Destroy the Nation | Discover another planet | Go to moon and talk to Chad mami |Build a house like Bil gates | Spend one night with Priyanka chopra Alone.
* Favorite TV Shows: Prison Break | CSI – Miami | 24 | Law and order | 4400 | Supar Gaane | Indian Idol | Requested song ( show in B4u) | Close up one
* Favorite Movies: Maine Pyar Kiya ( Old ) | Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge | Kal ho na ho | Munna bhai | Blood Diamond | Bourne Supermacy |
* Favorite Books: Himu Rimande | chole jay boshonter din | Aaj Himur Biye | Masud Rana (series) | Projapori | Nil Poddo | Daruchini Dip | Many more…


* ID1: Sabiha Akter
* ID2: Safwan Karim
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