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by / Thursday, 04 July 2013 / Published in Amar Kichu Kotha

Sometimes in life you just want to give up, there are situation where you feel like this is the end and I must give up everything that I build up, everything seems like a waste but that’s not it, life is one beautiful things which grow among you, I have always felt that everything i am doing, everything i have done its useless, I kept running and running from things, from people, from life, I was a tired person of everything but I never give up because I know the moment I stop running I will learn about life and grow with it. I don’t have much word to express my feelings so here I am writing my blog telling you that there’s more in life, coming. I know the situation you have been facing its truly painful and It’s on going facts but fight with it. You might blame God and say ‘why me’ you might blame your self but trust me it’s no one to blame, this is how our life is set to. We are tight up with the facts and situation that comes our way, Maybe it’s time to sit down and make plans, maybe it’s time to pick up the right guidance and follow the good deeds, everything will not change over night but I am sure being strong and having a strength you can come up with a good life, don’t think it’s a curse, its just the way of life we living. I pray and wish that your recovery heal up quick and stand on your feet. I wan to see you as I have seen you back home. One beautiful girl, prettiness was just the words and laid on your feet. I may not ever able to tell you anything on the phone or in person but I want you to know that you are very strong girl and you’ll make it over all the situation.

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