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by / Tuesday, 27 September 2016 / Published in Amar Kichu Kotha

Alright, I know I haven’t blog for a very long long time. It was a time when I used to write like hell even though all of my writings are sucks. I used to write them in bangla, I wanted to keep the practice of having not to forget my native alphabets. As time goes by, when life brings a lot of responsibility and so much of stuffs to do, I just happen to stop writing.
I think at the moment, I want to continue of writings.
There are lot of things you can say it in your writings but you can’t express the same feelings to the others. You can write 5 pages of essay relating your emotions or feelings but you can not express the same desires to others.
First of all I want to thank Almighty for having a such a wonderful life, I can’t complain because I have a roof and food. Working hard may get me moving in life. I see the kids, families and country being destroy all of the world. People live in fear of death and I am here surviving so that’s most important and blessed.

My life, my way – I really don’t care what people say about me as long as I am not doing anything stupid or hurt people. Sometimes unknowingly i do hurt people and that’s just the nature of being human. We are not perfect. Those who are reading this as you know you just didn’t find this article on google search, I gave you access to read this and I like/love you and  I am sorry if I cause you hurtful moments in life.

So much had happened since I stopped writing. I got a SON who is 15 months now. It’s like blessed from Heaven directly in my life. Life has been shine that words can not conclude the joy of having a son. I can not deny the fact that Sabiha (wife) carried him 9 months into her. That’s more then something can not express it in any other way. Every moment of my life I appreciate the fact about her and my son and of course my friends like Rubel, Saikat, Oscar.

I have always kept them into my family circle, Their kids are always part of mine as a family. I may not show it but this is the fact and truth about loving them along with my family.

So much stuffs is pending to write but for today this is it. Hopefully you will get tired of reading this shit.

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