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Walking Down the Memory lane

by / Saturday, 05 July 2014 / Published in Amar Kichu Kotha

Walking Down Memory Lane

Hi, Take my apology if you decided to read this article. This article contain error and grammatical issue. Spelling check is done automatically by the browser but some how bad spelling sneak in to it, just read as I am telling you a bed time story 😉

Walking down the memory lane is cute. Last night all I was thinking about my childhood. Well My childhood consist of 2 parts. One in Bangladesh and other one is in USA. I will not talk about USA part as of yet. Those who reading this might ask or think that, why I am writing about my self? well I like to write, this is my personal blog and sometimes I can’t share the walking moments of memory lane with anyone so its better of writing, I wanted to be journalist but that never happened. When I was a kid I always wanted to be different person when I grow up. I wanted to be journalist, I wanted to be astronauts, I wanted to so many things. it’s like I read newspaper I wanted to be journalist, I watch a movie I wanted to be a cop and so forth. Let’s not go on with this crap, let me refresh my memory lane. I barely remember lot of stuffs I have done in BD. I came to USA when I was very young. Whatever I remember I will walk thru. I know I had the most fun then anybody else in their childhood. As far as it goes we were few friends in the Ally. We grew up together since we born I guess. My childhood life consist of  School, Mosque and playground. We would go to school, (another fun life I will talk about it in a while) then mosque to read quran (most bless and fun time) and playing futbal and cricket all afternoon.

I remember Me, Jonny and selim like to play futbol a lot, and Rony and Biplop like cricket. Every afternoon we spend fighting and arguing about what to play and barely got a chance to play. We were very decent kid in the hood, we liked our ally and we chilled there all the time no body to bother, we were just kid. I remember one time we wanted to play a futbal match with another ally kids, I know its sound funny but it’s ally to ally. Finally we decided that we going to play with money so we all kids put some money together and played. It was in Dhoop khola Math. In the meantime it started to rain so hard and we continue to play and eventually we won by 1 goal. I am not sure who scored but yeh we won. When we got the money we weren’t sure what to do so we decided to buy a small trophy and rotate to everyone’s house on a week bases.

I didn’t have the luxury life, big house or big car but I had the most fun and now that I look back in time I feel that I enjoyed every second of it. We didn’t know how to ride bike so one day we decided to rent bicycle and learn. Everyone knew us on the hood so renting a bicycle was easy and fun so we finally rent a bike but we were too afraid to ride on the street becasue too many people, too many rickshaw and mostly open drains, we didn’t want to fall into it. So, we walk with the bike for 30 min to school yard to learn. First day of learning experience was horrible, We twisted our hands and bikes as well. The scratches lasted for too long. We use to play kite  and when the kite season we were all colored up to sharpen the cottons. Good times.

Going to mosque to learn Quran was fun because we used to teach little kids and we were just chilling with hujur. He was a coolest hujur we had. We used to chill in his cabin, eat his food, it was just fun. I don’t remember much but there were this beautiful girl used to come to mosque, we were so crazy about liking her, at that age like someone just a childish things and we were child. There were lot more memories, its evaporating, I can’t remember much. Oh wait – one day, one Friday actually when my dad were home he told me not to go out and play futbal. When it comes to futbal I barely listen to anyone so I sneak out and started to play and as you know in old Dhaka we barely have field so we played outside on the street bare foot. somehow I got pushed and broke my had badly, I was afraid to go home so I tried to snap and put back the bones in place but it was keep coming up. I went to mosque and talk to hujur, he was like Damn you got to go home and see a doctor. I went home scared and freaked out but everything seems very calm. Went to some shitty as people who tried to pull my hand and put some sticks around it and put bandage. They messed it up so badly, after a day later when I was in pain, went to real doctor, had plaster and came back on and I was ready to kick some futbal again.

During Ramadan we had (I, Specially) had most fun, I know all of the child at that age have fun but I had more fun then anyone, waking up to sheri and going to mosque with friends, come home and sleep all day untill zuhur, pray and quran at the mosque was tremendous fun. seems like we were the king and teaching others.  During iftar in puran dhaka is like festival, lot of vendors, lot of food, I had amazing ramadan times in Bangladesh. After iftar it was our time till tarabih, all of the friends together talking shit about so much stuffs that I didn’t know they exist.

My school life was amazing as well, before we go to class we had to play futbal for few minutes then go to class. Back then we were provided lunch and every single day I prayed that they should give Ruti and aloo bazi but that didn’t happen, every day was different. they provide bundiya, zilapi etc etc. I wasn’t first or second boy in class so sitting in first bench was useless so last bench was the best place for me although I wasn’t a bad student. School was my part time job, being in boy scout was super fun, we get to play lot of stuffs and hardcode physical training. Little bit of running is physical at that age. After school was more fun, most of the day we play till we can’t get enough tired and then run into my Granfather work place to have him buy me some ruti and aloo bazi from hotel.

I forgot to mention that all of our friends parents did not liked each other because we used to hang out too much hahaha. At one point we created musical term when we need to call our friends. If we need to call Jony so we would be out on the ally singing “JJJJ” i forgot how it goes but this is how we rolled. One thing I totally forgot that we had friend call Masum and he had 2 cute little sister, one day we went to his house after tarabih to chill and them 2 were praying with the sura book on the namazer paty, some reason I was laughing so hard that she stop praying and throw me a balis and scream so loud that her mom even got freaked out and kicked us out of the house including Masum.

Even since I started to wrtting this my memory keep coming back and back so I am not sure if I am ever able to stop, anyway watching Knight ryder and Macguyver was favorite, no matter what happen all of our friends get together and watch those shows. at one point of my life I wanted to be a macguyver, this is another things I wanted to be in life. At that time dish just came out with hindi channel and our life was a mess cause Jony’s sister they won’t let us watch our shows cause she wanted to see the bollywood crap and Jonny’s house was the only house in my friends circle had TV. We fought so bad that one day she decided to give up on us.

One more story, one day I went to my boro fupu’s house in Village, me and my cousin (older cousin) playing futbal with others and when the game was over I couldn’t find my brother and I cried like there is no tomorrow, finally some nice dude took me my fupus house and there my brother having food.

I can go on and on but I’ll stop, I guess I am back in writing mode.

Time fly, time change, we grow, I moved up to USA since 95. Everything has changed since then, I will not talk about the USA childhood or growing up. Maybe in another episode of blog I will but for the meantime, I stop.

Those who were reading this, sorry to say that you just wasted your time 😉 but appreciate for reading it..



 PS – Childhood in America is coming in my next blog.